In today’s world of interconnectivity, busy professionals and homeowners strive for a life where everything works the way it was designed. But often systems don’t talk to each other, they can be difficult to set-up and maintain, and technologies change rapidly. This unfortunately leaves the homeowner frustrated and unable to achieve the true benefits of their technology investment.

“…some homeowners find themselves frustrated by the proliferation of smart-home technology. They complain of complex systems for once-simple tasks like turning on the light, ‘learning algorithms’ that get their preferences wrong and systems that simply go on the fritz too often. As a result, [homeowners are] being more selective about what technological amenities they’re installing.” – The Trouble With Too Much Tech, The Wall Street Journal

But property owners have a partner that enables them to live in a trouble-free environment that avoids the common pitfalls of technology. That partner is ALIST, a leading home technology management service provider. With over 25 years of experience, ALIST has successfully enabled homeowners to enjoy the simple, free, uncluttered world promised them with their technology investment.

ALIST makes home technology easy to operate and reliable for years to come.

ALIST is a team of dedicated technology professionals who, like their clients, are demanding of themselves, always abreast of changes and opportunities, and build systems that are easy to operate and manage and that represent the highest quality workmanship. Their workmanship is backed by the

ALIST 100% Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

ALISTs time-tested approach guarantees clients will always be “future-proof”, since they pre-engineer upgrade paths and anticipate technology shifts and changes.

Uncompromising homeowners look to ALIST to integrate all their needs:

  • Entertainment: Audio, Video, Home Theater, Cable, Satellite, 4K, TiVo, Sonos, Streaming (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon)
  • Network: Internet, Wired and Wireless (Wi-Fi) Networks
  • Computers: Printers, Tablets, Upgrades, Set-up, Tutoring, Technical Support, Storage and Backup
  • Communication: Phone, Cell Signal Boosters, Intercom, Gate/Door Entry Systems
  • Security: High Definition Surveillance, Surveillance Video Review
  • Smart Home: Lutron, Crestron, Lighting, Shades, Climate Control, Renewable Energy, Access Control
  • Service Provider Analysis: Internet/Cable/Mobile Carrier Plan Review, Optimization, Set-up, Upgrade and Management

ALIST provides unparalleled design and engineering, installation, and maintenance services throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. They are ready to help clients manage one—or many—properties.

ALIST is committed to forming lasting relationships with clients though honesty, integrity, and the highest quality workmanship available in the market. Clients can depend on ALIST to help them make wise technology decisions based on price, performance, and durability. ALIST can be counted on to always go above and beyond to exceed client expectations and to create world-class technology solutions that last a lifetime.