Smart Home – Automation

Lutron, Crestron, Lighting, Shades, Climate Control, Renewable Energy, Access Control

Today’s home automation systems can manage nearly every aspect of a smart home: watering; climate control; lighting management; gate, doors, shades, and window controls; renewable energy systems; water pumps, heating and cooling units; and so much more. ALIST’s approach ensures clients simply don’t wind up with more remote controls and buttons to push—they create a comprehensive plan to minimize potential confusion and ensure operation of the household is thoughtful and sensible.

In today’s connected network of Internet devices (IoT) much more of the home can be automated. ALIST has the experience to help manage and connect your pool, spa, and sauna controls, kitchen appliances, video games and other digital entertainment systems and much more.

To get started simply contact ALIST to provide a consultation addressing your needs. Then let ALIST handle the rest, from the design and engineering plan, to system installation and fine tuning, and to providing continued maintenance and repair.