Internet, Wired and Wireless (Wi-Fi) Networks

With the emergence of smart living, in-home Wi-Fi has evolved from an amenity to a utility.  Homeowners increasingly rely on Wi-Fi not only for computers and related devices, but also to operate their appliances, televisions, home security, lighting and climate control systems.  ALIST can ensure the client’s network is secure, stable and rich in bandwidth, connecting equipment both within the home and with the world outside.

 With twenty five years of experience designing, installing and maintaining high caliber wired and wireless networks, ALIST provides:

 Whole Home Coverage:

*Optimal placement of access points based on an understanding of each home’s unique design, occupancy and utilization patterns

*Reliable and consistent coverage regardless of location on-site (including garages, patios, pool areas and decks)

An Exceptional User Experience: 

*The latest equipment accommodates a wide variety of traffic demands including simultaneous 4K video streaming, intense online gaming and multiple wireless devices

Satisfaction Over Time – A Network Built for Growth:

*ALIST networks anticipate future growth in connected life and wireless internet usage

*Future-proof design allows for an expanding array of smart living devices and systems to be easily added and implemented

Comprehensive IT Services: 

*In addition to expertise in network infrastructure design, installation and maintenance, ALIST offers a full suite of IT services

Network Troubleshooting: 

*With poor and improper wiring or wire termination the source of most network issues, ALIST’s approach starts with ensuring exceptional wiring.  As a licensed contractor we can:

– Install new wiring

– Inspect and repair existing wiring termination

– Ensure proper connections for existing wiring

– Conduct wiring verification, qualification and certification

*ALIST’s wiring expertise and capabilities allow us to gain essential troubleshooting insight beyond that which is available to most IT professionals

ALIST specializes in Service Provider Analysis and Optimization – improving speed and reliability, and saving money on clients’ monthly bills. To get started simply contact ALIST to provide a consultation addressing your needs. Then let ALIST handle the rest, from the design and engineering plan, to system installation and fine-tuning, and to providing continued maintenance and repair.