Consultation / Processes

Clients can depend on ALIST to help them make wise technology decisions based on price, performance, and durability. ALIST can always be counted on to exceed client expectations and to create world-class technology solutions that last a lifetime.


The ALIST Process

For larger projects, ALIST generally utilizes the following process to ensure excellent results:

1Plan Review

2Generate Project Outline based on Step 1

3Owner/Architect meeting to answer all outstanding design questions per the Project Outline

4Generate System Design Summary

5Client approval

6Generate System Design and Engineering Contract with costs

7Provide a Project Phase Outline detailing process and timing

8Provide estimates as required for additional project phases

System Design

To get started simply contact ALIST to provide a consultation addressing your needs. Then let ALIST handle the rest, from the system design and engineering plan, to installation and fine-tuning, to providing continued maintenance, repair and upgrades.


In today’s world of hyperconnectivity, busy professionals and homeowners strive for a life where everything works the way it was designed. But often systems don’t talk to each other, they can be difficult to set-up and maintain, and technologies change rapidly.

ALIST’s clean and professional installation techniques give clients a trouble-free environment that avoids the common pitfalls of technology. ALIST has been a leading home technology installation service provider for over 25 years.  Enjoy the simple, free, uncluttered world you wish to see with your technology investment – call ALIST today.

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ALIST 100% Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

ALIST pre-engineers upgrade paths and anticipates technology shifts and changes guaranteeing client networks will be “future-proof”